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Calista Audio Conferencing

Calista Audio Conferencing

Calista Audio Conferencing service helps to connect people from different parts of the world using the internet. Unlike the traditional conference calling applications, our audio conferencing service provides a dynamic platform that can be used to quickly organize a conference anywhere, anytime, at relatively lower costs. Calista audio conferencing service allows remote conferences using a secure telephone that provides capabilities for conferencing recording, and seamless management of your meetings. The system allows up to 150 audio conference participants. You can also track participants through the billing codes of their departments, and you can upload summaries and reports of conferences.

Why customers choose Calista Audio Conferencing?

1. Flexibility

Gives you the freedom to start a conference anytime, irrespective of the location of conference participants.

2. Enterprise Security

A secure platform that prevents unwanted people from participating in the conference.

3. Savings

Saves cost by providing an efficient platform where participants can meet remotely without the need for expensive travel costs.

4. Control

Allows moderator to control users by muting them at any time.

5. Customization

Record your company greeting and select your passwords.

6. Support

24x7 Support for all your questions and needs.