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How Switching to Calista Cloud Phone System Can Save Customers Up To 80%?

Cloud Phone System is the buzzword among the small business owners who are seeking to leap from the traditional landline communication systems which include PBX, to a more modern and widely accepted cloud phone system.

With so many enterprise features available, you might think that the cloud phone system costs a fortune. However, what we want to tell you is that with cloud phone system from Calista, you can not only have all the bells and whistles, but you can have them while saving up to 80%.

How can you save up to 80% with Calista?

Calista Cloud Phone Service is a full managed service offering that streamlines all business communications while reducing costs.

Here are couple benefits that customers are experiencing with Calista cloud phone system.

1) There is no need for a special infrastructure

Unlike the hardline based PBX, Calista Cloud Phone System does not require you to set up any additional infrastructure or dedicated hardware for the system to work. A monthly subscription fee is required and this fee is less than any other charges incurred by the other telephone systems.

2) No need to buy phones

Calista includes enterprise phones with their service eliminating any hardware maintenance. The phones arrive at your business location pre-provisioned allowing for easy plug and play setup. Even if you prefer using your existing phones no worries, Calista cloud phone system can auto-provision every SIP based phone make and model.

3) Full Money Back Service Guarantee

Calista cloud phone service was designed from the ground up to deliver unmatched uptime. Our Cloud phone system is distributed through multiple Tier 3 datacenter providers and utilizes multiple different network providers. Even if your site goes down Calista cloud phone service will keep your business running.

4) Calista delivers crystal clear audio

How does Calista achieve that? Simple we keep a score. Every single phone call gets a quality score on Calista cloud phone system and our team of engineers stays on top monitoring to ensure best quality.

5) Calista simplifies communications

Through Calista cloud phone system SMBs are given an effective and affordable way to create a fast point of contact for their customers.

6) It allows savings in every way

Get rid of maintenance, eliminate software updates, stop paying for IT support, and fire your telco provider.

Contact us today to learn how Calista Cloud Phone System can save you money and help your business soar.